Carron The Crane’ Cast Iron Radiator



Carron ˜The Crane’ Cast Iron Radiator

Product Code – TBK067/068

A traditional Victorian radiator which was first produced in America in the 1880s. Today, this simple design gives a contemporary feel, especially when hand burnished.

At Warwick Reclamation we pride ourselves on the level of bespoke detailing and options we are able to provide. With Carron™s onsite paint and spray shop we can supply a finish on any radiator from a choice of over 4,000 paints and offer an expert colour matching service to attain even greater levels of customisation.

We can also finish the radiators in a selection of product specific paints which come in a range of finishes, such as semi-gloss, full gloss and satin.

The Crane is a 4 section Radiator as seen above.

Price cost per section:

From £22.00 + vat per section

*Kerbside Tail Lift Delivery Only*

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