Carron 11kw Green Enamel Cast Iron Stove



Carron 11kw Green Enamel Cast Iron Stove

A Truly Stunning Large Sized Enamel Green Multi Fuel Wood Log Burning Cast Iron Stove By Carron

Product Code:  BHC604


11kw stove stylised 2

Stove Features:

Approved for use in smoke exempt zones when burning wood

77.3% efficient when burning wood

Secondary air inlet for cleaner glass and improved combustion

Multi fuel grate

Adjustable door handle to allow for fire rope compression

External riddle grate mechanism with removable handle

Adjustable door handle to allow for fire rope compression

Available in 10 enamel finishes as well as standard matt black – See other listings for colour variations

4 piece fire clay brick lined inner

Large double door flame picture window

Top or rear flue only

11kw stove diagram

11kw Details

Carron Stove (4.7kw) Full Package / Spares:

Handle BHC614,  Rope BHC617,  Rope Glue THE004,  Operating Tool BHC619,  Stove Glove PMT256W,  Glass 1 Piece BHC611,  Baffle Plate BHC618,  Fire Brick Set BHC612,  Front Firebar BHC608,  Grate BHC609,  Grate Frame BHC610,  Ashpan BHC613

11kw Spares

At Warwick Reclamation we pride ourselves on the level of bespoke detailing and options we are able to provide. With Carron’s onsite paint and spray shop we can supply a finish on any stove from a wide choice of paints. Please see other listings for colour variations.

£1,412.50 + vat



Carron stoves are supplied with a 3 year stove body and 1 year inner components warranty.

Please feel free to click on the link below to view the full Carron stove brochure. Here at Warwick Reclamation we are approved to supply any type, in any size, with any finish.

Carron Stoves Brochure