Carron ‘The Broughton’ Copper Towel Rail & Cast Iron Radiator Combo


The dimensions are as follows:

Overall Height (A) – 960mm,  Overall Width (B) – 675mm,

Inlet Pipe Centre Height (C) – 105mm,  Inlet Pipe Width (D) – 528mm,

Depth From Wall (E) – 230mm,  Inlet Pipe Centre Of Wall Width (F) – 105mm,

Delta 60:  BTU’s estimated 2407  /  Watts estimated 705



‘The Broughton’

Product Code – TOW107

A truly stunning towel rail and radiator combination in the Broughton style and with a copper finish.

The central radiator is made of cast iron. Standard ½” radiator valves are suitable for this towel rail. A bleed nipple is also discretely fitted to the towel rail.

The images below shows the combination of a copper finish on the rails with a buttermilk finish to the radiator. The Broughton is also available with a chrome finish to the rails. Please see the listing in our ‘Bespoke Towel Rail Radiators’ category.


At Warwick Reclamation we pride ourselves on the level of bespoke detailing and options we are able to provide. With Carron’s onsite paint and spray shop we can supply a finish on any radiator from a choice of over 4,000 paints and offer an expert colour matching service to attain even greater levels of customisation.

We can also finish the radiators in a selection of product specific paints which come in a range of finishes, such as semi-gloss, full gloss and satin.

Paint Finishes

With a standard finish this is priced at £468.33 + vat

With a specialised finish this is priced at £641.67 + vat

There is an additional charge if you do not want to use one of our standard paint colours


The dimensions are as follows:

Overall Height (A) – 960mm,  Overall Width (B) – 675mm,

Inlet Pipe Centre Height (C) – 105mm,  Inlet Pipe Width (D) – 528mm,

Depth From Wall (E) – 230mm,  Inlet Pipe Centre Of Wall Width (F) – 105mm,

Delta 60:  BTU’s estimated 2407  /  Watts estimated 705


Discover Cast Iron Perfection From Carron

A great deal of skill and work goes into producing our range of cast iron radiators, and we are enormously proud to declare that Carron have been awarded the ISO: 9001 accreditation for quality management. Our products also conform to the BS: EN 442 -2 standard.

Our radiators are assembled and finished by hand in Carron’s Lincolnshire workshop and are subject to regular inspections, carried out at each stage throughout the process.

Each section is sand cast using CNC moulds and 3D modelling techniques together with efficient cast production line. The result is a crisp, detailed decoration, which achieves a superior aesthetic quality.

Upon receipt of an order, sections are transferred to our specially built paint shop or to the polishing workshop to receive the first layer of paint or fist round of polishing depending on your preference.

Once dry, they are put through a rigorous high pressure testing process. We ensure the total time that every section is tested exceeds more than 24 hours, at a rate well beyond that of a normal water pressure found in UK domiciles.

When each radiator has passed the testing phase, they can then be transferred back to the spray team to complete Carron’s unique dual painted method: this is where a final round of painting or hand polishing is carried out to produce a high quality finish.

Now completed they are given a final inspection and a Quality Control stamp of approval when they can be prepared for dispatch.

Application in all environments

Carron traditional radiators are perfectly positioned between the heritage and charm of historic design and the pragmatic efficiency required of 21st Century heating.

There is a common misconception that cast iron radiators are inefficient and expensive to run compared to modern day counterparts, a point we’d argue. The cast iron sections retain heat for longer and gradually release the warmth creating a constant warm ambient temperature. Thus, Carron radiators more than match the performance of preset heating solutions.

These heating characteristics make them ideally suited to work alongside alternative fuel sources, such as ground source pumps and solar powered heating supplies.

Cast iron is a robust material and its incredible longevity makes it an economical investment, sure to last several generations.

The added visual appeal and styling mean Carron radiators are at home in period homes and restoration projects but are by no means out of place in contemporary dwellings, industrial and cutting edge developments and decor.

Our radiators come with a full 10 year guarantee, such is the trust we have in the quality of work Carron produce.

Please feel free to click on the link below to view the full Carron radiator brochure below. Here at Warwick Reclamation we are approved to supply any type, in any size, with any finish.